Student Sandbox, Frank Cetera, summer orientation and more!

Tuesday is, altogether, not just a busy day for Green Beans. It’s a great day!

The Syracuse Student Sandbox is open to our summer volunteers in Syracuse, on a space-available basis. Frank Cetera is meeting whoever’s available at Recess Coffee at 3pm today, the orientation for summer volunteering is there at 6pm, and at 7pm is a Skype chat for anyone going to the CoFED Summer Incubation on May 31st.

The Sandbox starts tomorrow at 10am at the Syracuse Tech Garden (235 Harrison St., near the AXA Towers in downtown Syracuse). There may not be room for more than two or three people, but it would be wise to go because the Sandbox is an entrepreneur’s paradise.


Last Meeting Reminder

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm, we will gather again in the future co-op space at 110 Walnut to wrap up the year for those not staying over the summer.

Discussion agenda:
– Roundtable what worked
– As well as what didn’t
– Brainstorm projects & tasks for next semester
– Steps to make these effective
– Individual assessment/ take away
– Summerrrrrrrr (;

I’m excited to see you guys!

– Mirrah

The Beanstalk Beat: Punk Cakes II, new domain, confirmed space…good times.

Check out our weekly newsletter, now called The Beanstalk Beat. Today it’s mostly bullet points, but expect more actual writing in the future. The way things are going, we’ll have no shortage of awesome news to talk about.

Also, bookmark this: This is our domain now. They don’t exactly give .coop domains out like candy, either, so it’s proof that Green Beans is a true-blue cooperative following the seven principles. In other words: We’re for real!

Good luck with all those big, ugly end-of-semester assignments and see you soon.


P.S.: If you’ve already received this message once, twice or multiple times, it’s because we’re still breaking in our email account at the domain. This email address isn’t going anywhere, so there’s nothing to be concerned abou

Upstate New York Cooperatives Summit

So Claire and Ana I attended the 2012 Upstate Cooperatives Summit yesterday which was awesome!

It happened at the South Side Innovation Center on South Salina street. There were a number of cool talks. The first session was on a number of cooperative organizations that were started in Cleveland Ohio.
It was really inspiring talk, and showed the economic structure of Cleveland and the importance of these sorts of organizations there. A big concept that he talked about was that of “anchor institutions”, who exist to provide incentives for the working class to remain in an area. Co-ops technically fit into this category. The universities and hospitals there are examples of cooperatives that prevented Cleveland from completely crashing over the past decade. The introduction of cooperative organizations into the area could help restore it to its initial potential.
I went to another session where financial law was discussed. Basically there is one main law that regulates all the financials of co-ops called the Cooperative Corporations Law. Apparently the law is quite vague, and references a bunch of other standard business laws…
Lunch was really good, I had two pesto tofu sprouts, yum!!
It was a good time, wish you could have been there.

– Ross

Potluck this saturday – March 31, 2012


Hey everybody! Hope your first few weeks back from spring break 2012 have been treating you well! Anyways, there is a potluck this Saturday (3/31/12) hosted by the Greenbeans co-op at our members Ashley and Claire’s house. Due to the amount of vegetarian’s and vegans out there, it is going to be a meat-free event but veg’ food tastes scrumptious! This is an open invite as long as you bring something, anything. For anyone living on-campus, we understand that you do not always have the means to a kitchen but i suggest:

1. raiding the dining halls!
2. bring a raw dish! – vegetable salad, macaroni salad, raw veggies mixed up and seasoned, something!
3. beverages
4. snacks or appetizers (preferably organic or local!) – chips, bread, ice cream bars, something.

So, if you don’t have a kitchen or means of cooking, use those suggestions and still try and make it. Bring friends and anyone you know that would appreciate some good-eats!


Location: Ashley and Claire’s Apartment, 737 Maryland Ave. Apt #3
Directions: Walk down Euclid Ave. towards Westcott (away from campus), Maryland is after Lancaster (set of lights), turn left down Maryland, the house is on the right and is ~4 houses down from the corner of Euclid/Maryland. Don’t go to the front door, You go to the door on the right side of the house and take the stairs all the way up to the top! If these are unclear, google maps has directions that work and images of the area if you zoom in!
Time: 7pm
Cost: No, bring food/snacks/drink though 🙂
Other info: bring a friend! 😀

Hope to see everyone there!

ALSO: REMEMBER TO TAKE THIS SURVEY, it is crucial in our planning the start a co-op here on/close to campus! Since it will be student run, we value suggestions from the student body as well as other knowledgeable people and faculty.
Here is the link:


**Please forward the link above to all friends and list servs you know of. We need to hear the voices of as many University residents as possible.
**In the description, paste: “A group of students are looking to bring healthy dining alternatives to you here at SU and SUNY-ESF! Please fill out this short survey to help make this a reality.”

Thank you so much to Michelle, Melanie, and the AMA for putting this together and analyzing results when we’re done.

Get Out Your Calendars for Upcoming Events

This Saturday, the 31st, a conference of CNY cooperatives is being held

Times: 10am-5pm
Location: South Side Innovation Center, 2610 South Salina St., Syracuse, NY
If you’re interested in coming along, do the following:
1. Register HERE. (FREE for students)
2. Contact us you need a ride and/ or want to meet up there!

Saturday, April 14th: Punk Cakes Concert Fundraiser II (confirmed for real this time!)

Time: probably around 8 or 9pm
Location: 737 Maryland (right side door/ basement)
Bring: – at least $3 for admission
– Potluck dish to share
– Plates/ utensils if you can
– Dancing feet; no exceptions.

Monday, April 2nd: Lunch & Learn
Time: 12-2p
Location: HOL Room 500.
Free Lunch & Lecture w/ meatless monday entrees
RSVP required:

May 31st – June 6th: CoFed’s summer leadership/ starting-your-student-run-food-coop retreat

Location: A Unicorn Farm Collective in Wassaic, NY (2 hrs out of the city on a metro).
Register here starting April 1st. Click for more info.

Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting names of who is attending so we can start budgeting the right amount to make sure people get there with minimum fiscal damage, thus yielding maximum fun, learning, and Green Beans FC success!
1. Contact us if you’re thinking of attending so we can add you to the list.


Meeting Notes 3/25

Main Goals to focus on/ complete by end of semester:

1. Have at very least 2 Punk Cakes fundraisers, since we did not get into final round of RvD awards. $ to go to food cart construction and/ or leadership retreat fees.

2. Strengthen core: consistent meeting go-ers; continuing to work on defining roles; get members to trainings

3. Apply to be official SU student org. This means confirming adviser who can advocate for us.

General tasks for all
– Bring a friend to next meeting!
– Find a student association rep AS WELL as advisor who can help us secure Org status.
– Clean Ashley & Claire’s basement for fundraiser

Rock Stars
– New member! Joe: has PA and space for shows. Day long Mayfest concert w/ folk, rock, bluegrass, & hippie food instead of bad rap and food service crap?

– Another new member! Ana in an ESF class doing market research to open up small sustainable café in Gateway next fall. Merger? Gateway conference rooms as workshop/ speaker areas?

– Ross is our official SlowFood CNY rep! One of them will be coming to a future meeting.

– Ashley to hold weekly potlucks at the appt. (: