Meeting Notes 3/25

Main Goals to focus on/ complete by end of semester:

1. Have at very least 2 Punk Cakes fundraisers, since we did not get into final round of RvD awards. $ to go to food cart construction and/ or leadership retreat fees.

2. Strengthen core: consistent meeting go-ers; continuing to work on defining roles; get members to trainings

3. Apply to be official SU student org. This means confirming adviser who can advocate for us.

General tasks for all
– Bring a friend to next meeting!
– Find a student association rep AS WELL as advisor who can help us secure Org status.
– Clean Ashley & Claire’s basement for fundraiser

Rock Stars
– New member! Joe: has PA and space for shows. Day long Mayfest concert w/ folk, rock, bluegrass, & hippie food instead of bad rap and food service crap?

– Another new member! Ana in an ESF class doing market research to open up small sustainable café in Gateway next fall. Merger? Gateway conference rooms as workshop/ speaker areas?

– Ross is our official SlowFood CNY rep! One of them will be coming to a future meeting.

– Ashley to hold weekly potlucks at the appt. (:



One thought on “Meeting Notes 3/25

  1. As the Student Engagement chair of Student Association, I’d be happy to help you all on your way to becoming an RSO. Feel free to email me at if you need anything.

    – Sean

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