Upstate New York Cooperatives Summit

So Claire and Ana I attended the 2012 Upstate Cooperatives Summit yesterday which was awesome!

It happened at the South Side Innovation Center on South Salina street. There were a number of cool talks. The first session was on a number of cooperative organizations that were started in Cleveland Ohio.
It was really inspiring talk, and showed the economic structure of Cleveland and the importance of these sorts of organizations there. A big concept that he talked about was that of “anchor institutions”, who exist to provide incentives for the working class to remain in an area. Co-ops technically fit into this category. The universities and hospitals there are examples of cooperatives that prevented Cleveland from completely crashing over the past decade. The introduction of cooperative organizations into the area could help restore it to its initial potential.
I went to another session where financial law was discussed. Basically there is one main law that regulates all the financials of co-ops called the Cooperative Corporations Law. Apparently the law is quite vague, and references a bunch of other standard business laws…
Lunch was really good, I had two pesto tofu sprouts, yum!!
It was a good time, wish you could have been there.

– Ross


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