The Beanstalk Beat: Punk Cakes II, new domain, confirmed space…good times.

Check out our weekly newsletter, now called The Beanstalk Beat. Today it’s mostly bullet points, but expect more actual writing in the future. The way things are going, we’ll have no shortage of awesome news to talk about.

Also, bookmark this: This is our domain now. They don’t exactly give .coop domains out like candy, either, so it’s proof that Green Beans is a true-blue cooperative following the seven principles. In other words: We’re for real!

Good luck with all those big, ugly end-of-semester assignments and see you soon.


P.S.: If you’ve already received this message once, twice or multiple times, it’s because we’re still breaking in our email account at the domain. This email address isn’t going anywhere, so there’s nothing to be concerned abou


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